The Obvious Child is now well into its festival run. Recently it was awarded the Silver Dragon for Best Animated Film at the 54th Krakow Film Festival...

 photo Krakow-Dragon-Pics-20-06-14.jpg  
Silver Dragon by Bronislaw Chromy

It also received the NTR Award for Best European Short Animation at Go Short.

The jury said:
"We loved the way this animated film takes the ingredients of dark children's' fairytales and storybooks and takes them to new perverted extremes. The maker shows great control over his medium by making unconventional but successful choices in voice-over and music to complete his stunning visual style."

 photo Go-Short-Award-Pics-20-06-14.jpg  photo Go-Short-Award-Pics2-20-06-14.jpg  
Go Short Award and the film on the big screen

And at the Holland Animation Film Festival it got a Special Mention.
Jury report:
"The film has an imaginative, stunning and mysterious design for depicting a world full of cruelty and tenderness."


Not everyone likes it though. Here's a review from the Annecy Animation Festival:

 photo OB-C-Reviews-Annecy-20-06-14.jpg
"Stupid" and "incredibly stupid"

And at Sundance London not everyone enjoyed the film...

 photo OB-C-Reviews-Sundance-20-06-14.jpg  photo OB-C-Reviews-Sundance2-20-06-14.jpg
Fans share their thoughts on Twitter

Swings and roundabouts lol :)

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